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The Gnostic Prophecy Of Pandemic Religion

A third free article published by The X-Gates. The Gnostics, pre-Christians who taught the teachings of Christ in the Mystery Schools predicted the spread of Christianity and the ensuing dark ages which would follow.

Gabriel Woods

The Decline of the Gnostics

The Gnostics were pre-Christian but in John Lash`s book Not in His Image he makes it clear from his own investigations of the parchments found in Nag Hammadhi in Egypt the Gnostics beleived the teachings of Christianity, which were Gnostic teachings for the most part and also Egyptian, not to be literal as Christians believed them to be. Gnosticism was a set of creation and spiritual descriptions which as the Nag Hammadhi texts show were told as symbolic stories such as The Gospel of Thomas. Below is a quote from the Nag Hammadhi Codexes that show Gnostics and Christians did not co-exist peacefully. Far from it, rather Christians attacked Gnostics viciously at every level wiping them out and as the vicious ancient Christians spread across the world pagan religions were systematically wiped out. Below is a text of massive importance found in the Nag Hammadhi Codexes in a cave in Egypt sealed within a small jar along with other precious parchments. Within these Gnostic writings a Gnostic describes his terrible fate at the hands of the new Christians and laments what the Gnostics knew was the oncoming collapse of civilised societies due to a pandemic Christian religion in which the central esoteric meaning of Christ`s words were not understood by the so-called "Saint" Paul who spread ignorance like wildfire across Earth. His teachings manifested uncontrollable fear throughout humanity which would prove to be a cancer in humanity right into the present day. Paul preached the dead man Jesus to be worshipped, rather than Christ as being a human who has fully developed and ascended to a high spiritual level of which human beings are capable of. Paul appointed himself as the only one true representative of God on Earth, Paul being more of a dictator than a spiritual leader, in his ignorance spreading hate instead of love which I have written about in an article published by The X-Gates Cyprus Fights the Fury of Apostle Paul. 

“We were hated and persecuted, not only by those who are simply incapable of understanding us, but also by those who think they are advancing the Christos, although they were unknowingly empty, ignorant of who they are, like dumb animals….. They persecuted those who have been liberated by me, a Revealer, because they hate those who are free – those hateful ones who, should they shut their mouth, would weep with futile groaning because they do not know who I AM. Instead, they serve two masters, even a multitude. But they will become victorious in everything, in wars and battles, jealous division and wrath…..having proclaimed the doctrine of a dead man (Jesus) and lies to resemble the freedom and purity of the initiates, our sacred assembly."

Fig.1 Gnostic Codex discovered at Nag Hammadhi in Egypt 

Fig.2 Gnostic teachings focused on the inner mysteries taught by Jesus 

Gnostic Initiates were taught by a Revealer whose students became initiates of the Gnostoi and The Mysteries in other words the central teachings that would develop the human soul, on Earth and by human teachers, and release the individual from the ways of the world.

The Revealer continues mournfully "And so, uniting in their doctrine of fear and slavery, mundane needs, and abandoning reverence, being petty and arrogant and ignorant, they cannot embrace the nobility of truth.

They hate what they are and love what they are not.”

These words may seem dismal but it is uplifting to know that these documents prove the existence of what were different natural ways of worship that are conducive for health in individuals and in society. Maybe these exist today, hidden. A natural, alternative worship of divinity whose spiritual “Revealers” have no interest in dominating others. Lash calls the Nag Hammadhi codexes “Theological Semtex” which have provoked questions put to Popes which have never been answered.

Will all be revealed in time with further discoveries? 

Fig.3 Power corrupts 

Fig.4 The interference of Archons 

The wealth of Gnostic teachings were systematically destroyed by the followers of "Saint" Paul and his successors who eventually led the world into the historic period of ignorance, the Dark Ages. Mankind lost the knowledge obtained over thousands of years, one of the most spectacular episodes of destruction occurred in Egypt during the reign of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor Alexander when the Library of Alexandria was torched as I have written about in a previous article published by The X-Gates The Library of Alexandria and the Power of Love. 

A New World

I often think of a new world and new societies and what they could be like. These are just my ideas, probably others who think and dream about world change would desire even more positive changes though I think many who feel as deeply as I do how love of each other as opposed to fearing each other we could have a better and happier human race. Human freedom, equality, peace and prosperity are my wishes for humankind. Mother Nature cherished and respected. I would like to live in a new world that where love and wisdom are cultivated and considered the true currency of society not monetary wealth.

To live in a world where there is no or little control, without being enslaved by religion and politics. A world in which individuals feel no need to dominate others. Societies that are built and governed by individuals who are fit to govern with fairness and kindness to the populations they represent, not motivated by selfishness such as many politicians are driven by greed in a multitude of forms. Those who govern being mostly a figurehead for example representing our country abroad. I would like to live in a world in which we return to the arms of Mother Nature and share from her bounty. We can grow our own food free from manmade additives, colours and preservatives. To live in a world where conventional medicine is available but the healing in the beginning is attempted by natural means and people can heal by natural means. Natural meaning the use of food and herbs for healing. I would like to live in a world where good health is actively promoted. Where medicine focuses on health not just the maintenance of disease to create profit for Big Pharma. Society without homelessness, poverty or starvation. There are no wars and if a war is to begin it is a priority by societies and countries to prevent war and to strike a fair deal for all concerned that prevents war.

I do not think the world I would like is too much to create, not in my mind. I understand for others my ideas of a new world would need a massive shift in their consciousness and their belief system. I know that many would like this new world or aspects of it. The world has undergone great change before now. Europe was raised to the ground by two world wars and was rebuilt twice. In my own country of Ireland we rid the British Empire from our land. These are just two of many numerous changes across the world throughout history. Humanity can change the world if we want to, we have done many times. We all have responsibility to change the world. That begins with changing our own lives and assisting change in the lives of others if they wish. Changing the world one person at a time by assisting each person in their own lives. Just because the human race would have a lot of work to do to create these changes does not mean these changes are impossible. 

I would like to see an end to pandemic religions which suffocate truth, fueling the flames of pandemics of fear which have become so deeply a part of our current societies.

Fig.5 Making a beautiful world on our own planet The Kingdom 

Gabriel Woods 

Gabriel Woods is the author of eight published books including the popular and very positively reviewed The Golden Age Trilogy. Gabriel has obtained a Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Aidwork Management from University College Dublin, a Certificate in Counselling from University Maynooth Ireland. He is a fully qualified FETAC life coach in Ireland as well as a full-time professional author.

He has travelled around the world, living in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. He has also explored sacred places of aboriginal culture. He explored important religious and cultural Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim sites of India. He has learned about the spiritual of the people that live and worship there. He has travelled widely throughout mainland Europe including Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands and Germany with a focus on areas of cultural importance. These sites throughout the world that Gabriel has visited have had a profound effect on him which he expresses as he writes about these areas in his novel.

Gabriel Woods The X-Gates articles include writing articles including history, culture, society, paganism, magic, and a wide variety of other topics. 

Gabriel has returned to Ireland. He worked voluntarily for Aware helpline that supports people experiencing depression and anxiety. He lives near the banks of the River Barrow in Ireland. Gabriel Woods latest book published 2022 is COVID and Lockdown Stories

Gabriel Woods latest book published 2022 is COVID and Lockdown Stories, Gabriel`s books can be found in Irish libraries, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Baker and Taylor, Kobo, Tolino, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Vivlio and BorrowBox.


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