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The Nagas Kingdom

Diego Antolini
The well is kept hidden and closely guarded, and its access is forbidden to most people, unless deemed worthy by the keepers of the Nagas secret. The well is in fact the entrance (or, one of the entrances? In Tibet there is a mystical shrine called Patala which sits atop of an ancient system of tunnels and caves leading to the underground world.) of the Netherworld where the Reptilians dwell; in particular, the Sheshna's Well would lead to the Patala Kingdom, one of the subterranean realms of the Nagas race. It was here, according to the legend, that one of the founders of Yoga, Patanjali, channeled his famous aphorisms of yoga. Every 3 years the well’s water is drained and re-filled with new water. In his book Venomous Reptiles (1969) herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton, an expert in reptilian and amphibian biology, makes some interesting statement that support the theory of Reptilian evolution, and their link to the time of dinosaurs. After determining the common traits to all reptiles (having scales, cold blood, lay eggs,) he then goes about to differentiate: all reptiles with limbs have clawed toes; there are lizards with elongated snake-like bodies, which accounts for a “missing link” type between lizards and snakes (since these species exist, I would say the link is not missing, but it is evidence). Modern scientific evidence indicates that all snakes once possessed limbs, which atrophied after prolonged non-use. This happened over time, as snakes became both aquatic and land creatures; and reptiles with limbs usually live underground.
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