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The War of Independence

Gabriel Woods
George sat down at a large oak table which was plain and on top laid a state of the art communication system. The cube silently glowed white and on its screen was a map of the world, blue dots represented the United Free States countries and red dots representing the countries that had allied with the Reptilians. George was disappointed each time he saw the wide expanse of red dots but was sometimes heartened because at least every two weeks a country would join the UFS. It was possible to communicate directly to leaders in each country and regions of countries by pressing on the dots. These countries were united in saving Earth and humanity though there were difficulties, citizens in most of these countries had overthrown their governments and so they were able to leave the alliance with the aliens. The governing of each country was in flux as to how governance would occur, the nations were clear on their necessity to battle with the aliens and so one leader was chosen to sit at the meeting table with Prime Minister Lyons to represent his or her country. Their representative chosen had been voted in by the various regions of a United Free States. Each leader of a region was voted in by families within the region so that the leaders were chosen for their competency, direct knowledge of their people and region and their skills in fair governance. Governance of the people of each state was kept to a minimum, regions being autonomous for the most part. Governing was only exercised on issues that affected the whole state or when a state needed to be represented at international level. The arrangement was often likened to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Elizabeth was always fair and never allowing her leadership of Britain affect the affairs of the United Free States. There was one common aim among the UFS, the expulsion of the alien aggressors. Elizabeth had proven herself to be fair while being assertive, a master at planning defence and offense while also allowing the nations of the United Free States to plan and develop their own countries independently if their actions did not threaten the solidarity of member states.
10/08/2023 21:54:43

The Illuminati Infiltrates Westminster

The Golden Age Desolation Part two of The Golden Age Trilogy

Gabriel Woods
Elizabeth stared out the window, pressing her hands against the glass, her mouth in an ‘O’ shape and her eyes almost popping out of their sockets as if she were a free bird hitting an invisible glass pane. Right before her in the skies of London was the spaceship she had seen in her nightmares, at least a thousand times since she was a child. The Prime Minister heard that dreadful loud horn sound, saw the military scurrying to position their missiles on the streets of London. Almost instantaneously, without any visible attack from the ship, traffic accidents and fires spread, for as far as her eyes could see. Any person she could see had their hands cupped over their ears, cringing and kneeling on the ground. She found herself cupping her hands over her ears too with an almost paralyzing high-pitched noise screaming in her head. She pulled her sky-blue jacket tightly around herself as if she were creating a barrier between her and the outside world. Elizabeth knew what was going to happen next. Just the same as her nightmare had played out every single time through almost for all of her life. She was about to receive a phone call from the one powerful person in the whole world she dreaded most to speak to. The man whose birth meant the death of millions or even billions in the future. Elizabeth never decided what words to use to speak to this depraved, power-hungry man, she often heard it said in the corridors of power that he was considered the most powerful human on Earth. Now she knew they would have their first conversation. Elizabeth massaged her neck, she felt a squeezing sensation as if a hand were on it, attempting to strangle her.
06/02/2023 23:29:51

Manipulators and Social Disintegration

Narcissists, psychopaths and social disintegration

Gabriel Woods
The narcissist, despite the bravado and wielding of abuse, is really like a house of cards. The source, a psychological term for the victim, is there to give attention to the narcissist’s false self – the persona which he uses to hide his predatory nature. When the victim is no longer this source of energy the narcissist turns on the victim. Suddenly, quickly and with utter detachment he or she downgrades the victim. Using any weapon in his arsenal most effective in devaluing him or her. The narcissist fights to maintain the source of narcissistic supply, in essence the attention a narcissist needs to obtain in order to prop up his or her ego, as it begins to dwindle. Their perfect person is no longer perfect. A psychological, emotional, physical, sexual assault, possibly all of these, will ensue. The source is discarded, like husks of dried wheat. Then the narcissist simply attracts a new source and the cycle begins again. The victim is left spinning and in my book Secrets of Abuse Survival I write how the victim I interviewed at this point describes how “I woke up beside a stranger. I did not know this man”. The narcissist only feels he exists when he or she has a victim in a ‘relationship’. I write ‘relationship’ because this is not a love or caring coupling between two people, all this is in essence is the narcissist performing behaviours to keep and extract his narcissistic supply, just like a drug addict. This is not a relationship as normal people associate the word with. The relationship is really just a series of behaviours exchanged between two people as Vanknin describes so well.
19/01/2023 03:11:20

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