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Joshua Shapiro

Crystal Skulls Explorer, Paranormal Researcher

Staff TXG
My name is Joshua Shapiro, I am an American living near Atlanta.  I am 67 years old and since 1983, I have been on a lifelong journey that has taken me to various parts of the world to explore various world mysteries and inner spiritual truths. I am known publicly as a crystal skull explorer and paranormal researcher. Therefore you can count on me to be an active contributor for The X-Gates discussing such subjects as crystal skulls, UFOs and Galactic beings, Tartaria, Flat Earth, spiritual philosophy and wisdom along with paranormal phenomena and much more. Currently I am the co-founder of a new center we are beginning to build that is called, "The Center for the Advancement of Humanity" and I will at times being discussing some of our key projects to help bring peace and harmony to our world.

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23/06/2022 09:38:10

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