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Alchemy and Saint Germain

Gabriel Woods

Alchemy has many meanings but can be explained in a general sense as the process of turning matter into gold, other precious metals, gems or into a universal elixir from which to manifest health and desires. Alchemy was accepted by royalty as research into how to gain further material wealth.  Kings and queens often had as part of their court alchemists who were charged with creating gold or an elixir which would produce wealth for the use of royalty. The alchemical process was a spiritual discovery for some alchemists who feared being persecuted for utilizing methods for self-discovery or for developing powers derived from self-knowledge and hid their endeavours by claiming to be working on producing gold for their rulers. In this article I quote words from Saint Germain about these processes from Ascended Master Instruction.

Saint Germain frequently refers to God in his works, it is extremely important to note that Saint Germain does not believe in the Western concept of a male god floating around on a cloud somewhere above Earth but rather as a universal power source that connects and interconnects all beings, all things on and around Earth, in the sun and is the very energy of the universe in which we live and beyond. The “Great Central Spiritual Sun” he wrote was the focus of divinity, God, which gives life and connects all beings on Earth. In most ancient religions the sun was believed to be the focus of divine and spiritual energy. Christianity replaced the worship of the sun with the worship of Christ, Saint Germain wrote about the Light of Christ, meaning that Christ is the enlightened human being who is aware of and manifests the power of the Light of the Great Central Spiritual Sun. The trick then is to learn how to use this power which involves the transformation of the human being.

An ancient race called Aryans and in Ireland an ancient race the Tuatha Dé Dannan believed in the worship of the sun which connected to the internal flame of every human being. The later established royal families of Europe, notably the Spanish, Portuguese, German, English and French royalty favoured Christianity as a way of consolidating their power throughout Europe and the world through colonization of races. The races they conquered often worshipped the sun. The Celtic people were sun worshippers who were later decimated by the Normans and English. Saint Germain describes the use of the Violet Flame to dissipate the Karma collected by the soul over centuries so that spiritual transformation can be achieved. 

Fig.1 Alchemist Count Germain believed to be Saint Germain Ascended Master 

Fig.2 Sensory information from the eye presenting stimuli upside down  

The All Seeing Eye

The pineal gland and pituitary body are believed to be separate in the human brain. At one time it is believed by some there were humans who could use the function of Third Eye or Inner Sight. In Ascended Master Instruction Saint Germain describes the process of opening the Third Eye which is done by making the pineal gland and pituitary body as one and thus assisting an individual to manifest their desires. There are many ways of doing this which were part of the teachings of the ancient Mystery Schools and some secret societies today may hold the key to opening the doors of knowledge about the Third Eye and its use. Saint Germain describes one method is to visualize the pineal gland and pituitary body connected. I do not claim to be a master or teacher of any kind, I am an author, and so I will quote from sources in this article I believe are highly valuable contributions toward the knowledge of humanity especially Ascended Master Instruction by Saint Germain.

“At this previous time as the Soul drew into denser form, it required the activity of an ark, as it were, by which the two activities in conjunction stepped down the activity of this Inner Vision, the same as an ark breaks up the current; and instead of a steady flow, it was in intermittent jumps. This causes intermittent activity. This became necessary as the outer form reached a certain density not wise to explain at present. If there could be a continual flow or connection of light between the pineal gland and pituitary body, we could see everywhere and through all things at all times. This is really the Inner Sight….or in other words to unite them again. When one can visualize the two as the All Seeing Eye within, wonders might take place…. In all forms where the Power of the All Seeing Eye, complete in the top of the head. In any thought of this, think of it as the All-Seeing Eye, complete in the top of the head – taking the place of the pineal gland and pituitary body, or as having these two organs within it.”      

The All Seeing Eye can then be used as a tool for alchemy or precipitating desires, even directly into physical form. Saint Germain continues “In this Eye within is the Perfect, Eternal Sight of the Almighty God. A mental picture of anything, with this power back of it, must be propelled into outer form because it is God Power moving through it. This is how the images we see with our physical eyes are registered on the brain. Therefore, make your pictures within. Your eyes are the camera of the Soul. The activity of the vision in the mind acts just the opposite of the activity of the eyes, or physical sight.”

It is interesting to note that, as seen in image figure 2, psychologists and scientists know that the physical eye presents the image viewed in the environment as upside down when the nerves of the eye lens hits the brain. The brain then interprets the signals from the eye and rearranges the data sent from the eyes through the powers of perception in the brain to form an image which has been straightened and turned upwards. Science supports these words of Saint Germain, that vision of the environment is mostly an internalised process.

Saint Germain continues to explain how the All Seeing Eye can then be used as a tool of manifesting desires “The secret of manifesting things into the world without, is in using the Spiritual Power to take this picture. Then the Great Silence (God) precipitates it into form through the visualized picture. Through the activity of visualizing, you print the form or picture upon the Great Silence and the Great Silence which is the greatest power in the Universe, propels it into outer expression and experience. Now you can understand how impossible it is for a picture registered on the Inner Silence not to come forth.

It is the business of the intellect and will to hold the picture steady until the impression is taken by the Great Silence. If it is not held steady, the result is the same as if you moved your camera while taking an ordinary picture in photography. This is the Power of true Precipitation.”

Fig.3 The Divine Self 

Fig.4 The Violet Flame  

The Golden Book by Saint Germain

The use of affirmations, the repeating of a phrase or words in meditation and by some for the manifestation of desires, has become a popular tool by clinical psychologists and coaches to improve human performance. There is nothing new at all about the use of affirmations, for thousands of years particular arrangements of words have been used to bring about increased human performance. Witches were believed to use words to cast spells, today we use a word that is derived from this practice which is SPELLing. The Golden Book is a very useful publication for understanding the use of words which can be very powerful in producing results such as improved performance. Saint Germain goes further, and he conveyed beliefs that words can be used to create the desires of those who use certain words or phrases which are listed in The Golden Book

I am no teacher or spiritual master however I can attempt to briefly explain the concepts which Saint Germain explains so much better than I. Central to the concepts in this book is that the soul of the human being has a manifestation of the power of Christ, the abilities of Jesus human beings have the same capabilities within waiting to be revealed, regardless of religious beliefs. Saint Germain alludes to other spiritual masters as reflecting the powers of the Christ including Buddha from the Buddhist faith and Mohammed the prophet from the Muslim faith, all manifesting the powers of the “God Self”.

The ability to develop these powerful abilities is made more complex for most people have no belief that they have the powers of Jesus or any “special powers” within them. Educated people in our times confuse the information they have learned with wisdom which they often do not possess. While still others prefer to be led by those they believe know better than them and have no desire to take responsibility for their own lives by developing internal powers which would lead to independence from world despots, so-called spiritual leaders and the biblical “Wolf in Sheep`s Clothing”. Every human being has Free Will to walk the path of their lives as they choose. While this type of information has become widely available and no longer hidden only in ancient Mystery Schools and secret societies now that we are in the Age of Aquarius the waters of knowledge are flowing more freely. Unfortunately, this knowledge can only be fully understood and used with full effectiveness by those with as Jesus said “Eyes to see and ears to hear”. While knowledge flows more freely in our world, ignorance and an unwillingness to learn firmly keeps the door to self-knowledge shut. An openness to new experiences and a willingness to examine unfamiliar information may open the door to the riches hidden within human beings.

I believe that self-knowledge is the only true form of alchemy, the gold that we seek to make us rich in the physical world I believe we must first develop within ourselves. Transmuting the dross and imperfections within our feelings and thoughts to the gold of love, happiness and contentment as Saint Germain explains. In these times I believe that not only can each one of us begin this work, but we are living in times when each one of us must if we are to not just survive but thrive. Taking responsibility for our own lives can lead to the human collective as one taking responsibility for our decisions and actions as members of the human race, to stop damaging Earth and harming each other. My next free article focuses on this matter “Humanity One Body the Logos”.

Fig.5 Spirituality for all cultures 

Further reading

Ascended Master Instruction by Saint Germain (Saint Germain Series Volume 4 published by Saint Germain Press)

The Golden Book by Saint Germain (Saint Germain Brotherhood)

Saint Germain Master Alchemist (Summit University Press)

Unveiled Mysteries by Godfré Ray King (Global Grey Ebooks)


Gabriel Woods 

Gabriel Woods is the author of eight published books including the popular and very positively reviewed The Golden Age Trilogy. Gabriel has obtained a Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Aid work Management from University College Dublin, a Certificate in Counselling from University Maynooth Ireland. He is a fully qualified FETAC life coach in Ireland as well as a full-time professional author.

He has travelled around the world, living in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. He has also explored sacred places of aboriginal culture. He explored important religious and cultural Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim sites of India. He has learned about the spiritual of the people that live and worship there. He has travelled widely throughout mainland Europe including Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands and Germany with a focus on areas of cultural importance. These sites throughout the world that Gabriel has visited have had a profound effect on him which he expresses as he writes about these areas in his novel.

Gabriel Woods The X-Gates articles include writing articles including history, culture, society, paganism, magic, and a wide variety of other topics. 

Gabriel has returned to Ireland. He worked voluntarily for Aware helpline that supports people experiencing depression and anxiety. He lives near the banks of the River Barrow in Ireland. 

Gabriel Woods latest book published 2022 is COVID and Lockdown Stories, Gabriel`s books can be found in Irish libraries, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Baker and Taylor, Kobo, Tolino, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Vivlio and BorrowBox.


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