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God Thoth and Personal Power

Gabriel Woods

Magic is everywhere, the Egyptians believed magic was part of the fabric of life including the rise and fall of the sun. Every day the Egyptians practiced magical rituals, the priests and priestesses practiced magic every moment of their waking time.

Egyptians practiced magic from The Book of Thoth written by Thoth the Egyptian god of knowledge. Previous to being considered a god Thoth it was believed that he was a human teacher until he had written over two thousand books and taught about almost everything under the sun and beyond. He taught astrology, astronomy including knowledge of the stars and their connections to the stars, conspiracy theorists I call reality theorists believe the pyramids were built possibly 3000 years before the Egyptian civilisation we are somewhat familiar with had come into being. God Thoth also taught medicine, nutrition, writing and more. Thoth was also believed by Greek philosophers to be reincarnated in the form of their teacher Hermes.

Alistair Crowely believed the book he channelled The Book of Thoth can be used for magic.

Many spiritual masters have taught the use of the pineal gland situated in the human brain is believed when activated, also known as the third eye, can be used to provide our desires. 

Scientists are now discovering the developments of quantum field science within which we are learning about, and influencing in ancient ways, the effect of vibration, energy and frequency and how these are really the building blocks of reality and even human beings.

Images created by ancient civilisations show it is clear they had already discovered this, energy fields used by the gods of various cultures are depicted in numerous ancient images from cave art to megalithic structures. The quantum field is not a modern discovery, it is a rediscovery of the knowledge of the ancient world.

The adept scientist and inventor Nicola Tesla said that energy, frequency and vibration would be the next stage of science and human development. In alternative health treatment sound is already being used for physical, mental, psychological and other forms of healing.

The Egyptians believed that the sun god Ra rose in the morning and then travelled under the Nile River while the moon goddess shone all night, Ra rose again. The belief was the sun was intimately connected to reincarnation as Ra travelled through the underworld at night bringing souls to their heaven. The god Thoth would weigh the heart of the human travelling to heaven to see if the soul could be admitted to the afterlife or be reborn. And this was just the rising and setting of the sun! In fact, nature as we know it could not exist without the sun.

There is a possible connection with Thoth and the ancient Irish gods also known as the Tuatha Dé Danann who are depicted in the image above. The translated phonological sounds from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs concerning Thoth sound like the name Tuatha Dé Danann who arrived in Ireland in boats during a great storm and black clouds covered the sun for three days and three nights. The phonetic sounds Tuatha Dai mean Thoth`s Crossing, Tuatha Dat converts to Thoth`s journey by boat and Tuatha Da converts to Thoth`s Storm. Such similarity of Tuatha Dé Danann to the phonetic sounds of Egyptian hieroglyphs referring to Thoth is made even more interesting because the title was used by Irish monks who wrote about the conquests of Ireland in the Lebor Gabalá Eirenn, meaning The Book of the Taking of Ireland in the 11th Century.

I believe other aspects of nature are magical. Consider the human body that carries out over a billion actions every minute. The varied cells and cell development causing formation of trees, grass, multiple animals, the stunning scenery of mountains and so much more created by Mother Nature. Many believe in magical beings such as angels and archangels that can protect us and provide us with our needs if we can solemnly and respectfully ask them while thanking them for an answer. 

The use of words and words chosen to describe phenomena are important to describe. Words can be used to hide meanings or to limit the importance of what is being investigated. We have the word spelling, which when written as SPELLing, conveys how words were used in spells.  

We could replace the word science with magic and then see how magic is part of people's daily life. The words we use in science are increasingly used to express the elements of magic such as frequency, energy, vibration and already in place for millennia. Even the magic of the use of words, how we construct our world through words or another form of symbolism. Politicians know well that the manipulation of words can be used to manipulate people, the use of symbolism such as flags and words to control whole nations. The use of masks during COVID to symbolically shut people up, mistaking subordination for protection of health. Masks were used on slaves throughout the ages to dehumanise people by hiding their emotional expression which are featured mostly on the human face.

Lately we are discovering the laws of quantum physics and how the "magic" of manifesting, visualizations and affirmation not to mention the use of frequency, vibration and energy for protection and to draw what we desire into our lives and to obtain good mental and physical health. Magic is available to each and every one of us, we must just ask and we will find the right teachers showing up in our lives and we do have the power to learn the art and power of magic. We just need to believe that we can to activate the power within ourselves.

Gabriel Woods is the author of nine published books including the very positively reviewed The Golden Age Trilogy since he became a full time professional author in 2015. Gabriel has obtained a Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Aid Work Management from University College Dublin, a Certificate in Counselling from University Maynooth Ireland. He is a fully qualified FETAC life coach in Ireland as well as a full-time professional author.

He has travelled around the world, living in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. He has also explored sacred places of aboriginal culture. He explored important religious and cultural Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim sites of India. He has learned about the spirituality and religions of the people that live and worship there. He has travelled widely throughout mainland Europe including Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands and Germany with a focus on areas of cultural importance. These sites throughout the world that Gabriel has visited have had a profound effect on him which he expresses as he writes about these areas in his novels.

Gabriel Woods The X-Gates articles include subjects such as history, culture, travel, society, paganism, magic, and a wide variety of other topics. 

Gabriel has returned to Ireland. He worked voluntarily for Aware helpline that supports people experiencing depression and anxiety. He lives near the banks of the River Barrow in Ireland. 

His latest book published 2022 is COVID and Lockdown Stories. Gabriel Woods books can be found in Irish libraries, can be ordered in bookshops and purchased online in Smashwords, Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Kobo, Tolino, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Vivlio and BorrowBox. 

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