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One Human Race the Logos

Gabriel Woods

The Atlantean origin of humanity is one that was strongly believed by Greek philosophers Plato and Socrates, in essence that there was a noble god like race who once lived in compliance with the laws of Mother Earth and lived in ways that were conducive to growth, peace and prosperity. The Atlanteans then became a proud race, their ways becoming more and more negatively associated with power and greed. The Atlanteans became so proud and obsessed with power that they decided to attack the Greek states and other civilizations across Earth. They launched a massive fleet of ships and sailed to selected regions across Earth. Inexplicably soon after the Atlanteans set course a great flood swept across the Earth and Atlantis was swallowed by the ocean. The Atlanteans had no central command as Atlantis had been destroyed and the nations they attempted to enslave proved to be stronger when forces were combined especially the nations of the Mediterranean. Atlanteans were then stranded across the world and interbred with the civilizations who they found themselves stranded with a proliferation of various human races emerged from this interbreeding.

Further creation stories exist such as fallen angels who once served God and watched humanity for a time only to become attracted to humans and began mating with human women. A variety of races are theorised to have emerged from this union including a race of giants called the Nephilim and various other creatures.

In some ancient writings there is a story told about a war between the gods, in parts of the world such as in India there is land that has been petrified into a glassy plastic type crystal that is found in sites where modern nuclear bombs exploded. This is very difficult to explain but suffice it to say that a race or races on Earth used nuclear weapons on Earth in a far more distant age than World War 2. It has been theorised that such a war was caused between warring alien races who had taken part in “Project Earth”, a time when Planet Earth had suffered a great flood which is believed by some to have been only one of several, and Earth was being rehabilitated and brought back to life while making Earth a place fit for life forms.

Fig.1 Atlantis 

Fig.2 The Watchers angels interbreeding  

Darwin presented his Theory of Evolution in which he proposed in summary a step by step development from ape to Neanderthals to the standing upright and advanced Cro-Magnon man allegedly appearing without any apparent cause. Suddenly temples and pyramid buildings occur, animals across the world become domesticated, crops are grown then socialisation of man occurs Darwin and his believers have very convincingly argued that this happened by chance. Some Darwinists believe Cro-Magnon man started smoking hallucinogenic mushrooms which enabled them to obtain all this knowledge and sophisticated techniques of pyramid and the building of massive ornate temples. In my opinion, how hallucinogenic mushrooms can account for the sudden building of massive stone temples and pyramids which even in our modern times we could not build with the tools which were believed to be used at the time. Scant evidence of the tools used for building include simple wooden rollers arranged in straight lines with which to haul up massive blocks of stone to place on tops of pyramids supposedly cut and placed together in perfectly straight lines. The domestication of animals and crop growing all at once just by chance worldwide is a bit simplistic at best and plain ignorance at worst. Could all this really happen by chance while occurring at the same time across the world and all due to the smoking of magic mushrooms? In my opinion such theories are simply more impossible to explain human development than advanced beings far more intelligent than the apes and early man having the knowledge to create structures and spread agriculture across the world.

The origin of humanity in my opinion is not as simple as the ABC system Darwin successfully convinced the world with. It is important to note that at the same time there was a strong backlash against Christianity in Darwin`s era and his theory blew out of the water the simplistic Christian version of human development as told in the stories of Adam and Eve, the Great Flood and Noah populating the whole world with a pair of each type of animal which he kept on a boat floating on very stormy seas. In this context it is understandable that scientific minded people preferred Darwin`s theory especially by using him and his believers as a platform to attack Christianity. Some believe that Darwin was a freemason and the freemasons were using Darwinism as a means with which to attack Christianity by criticizing their dogma using the scientific method, Darwinism must be understood in terms of its historical context. The crux of Darwin`s theory also falls on the “missing link” or ape like being that was the link between ape developing into a standing upright Cro-Magnon man. Cro-Magnon man had increased inner skull room to fit a bigger brain than an ape and a body perfectly made for the use of advanced tools such as those often found buried with Cro-Magnon Man and a skeletal structure perfect for carrying heavy objects such as large blocks. An excellent example of such advancement is the appearance of the thumb and four fingers in Cro-Magnon man to enable the grasping of a tool through one point of focused pressure against for fingers to enable a balanced grip of a tool, in contrast to the simple hand bones of an ape which is useful for swinging through tree branches. Even though Darwin travelled the world and carried out extensive studies of ancient manuscripts to find the “missing link” he never found it and the proof he needed for his theory has never been found despite continuing extensive studies. Quite possibly the “missing link” will always be missing because it simply does not exist.

Anthropologists and scientists can no longer ignore the broad scope and array of species that are now considered early humans found in the past fifty years because of improved digging and archaeological techniques. What makes many of these new finds very significant is that these species existed at the same time as Cro-Magnon man suddenly appeared. Scientists now know that the human species, at least in many parts of the world, resemble more like a tree branching from one source and then many branches off shooting than an ABC step by step oversimplistic Darwinian approach. The new evidence suggests that humanity is a result of an intermixing of breeds of apes, or even as well as other animals, along with the singular sudden appearance of a jump in development that of Cro-Magnon Man occurring at the same time. This new scientific evidence then supports the ancient’s beliefs of one advanced ancestor and interbreeding, the “Sons of God” breeding with the “Daughters of Man” and afterwards a broad array of new species emerging.

Fig.3 Neanderthal Man 

Fig.4 The first atomic bomb in comparison to worst destruction of modern nuclear weapons 

A spiritual theory concerns The Logos. This theory states that humanity is really a manifestation of the “Word of God” meaning that divinity established humanity through word.  One statement noted in the Bible is “Let there be Light” indicating that there was in the beginning of creation firstly only darkness. The Logos theory is the belief that humanity only believes that humankind exists separate from divinity. Since everything is part of divinity, having been created by “The Word” or Logos, then humanity is in a way hallucinating being separate. What is required for humanity to experience peace, prosperity and happiness is for a realisation by the human collective that we are all one and part of divinity. The Logos theory states that humanity will eventually make this realisation through experiencing so much suffering by the collective believing in separation from divinity. Each individual discovering their soul is connected to divinity, a sea of souls across the world realising being one with divinity and in this way humanity is gradually becoming one with divinity, the Logos theory goes.

Proof of successive great floods which has submerged pyramidical structures and destroyed evidence of other early human species across the world means that human origin and development is far more complex than we know. Unfortunately, it is possible that the factual birth and process of development of humanity may never be explained in its entirety as the processes of development are too vast spanning across Earth. 

The indisputable fact is that regardless of origin all of us on Earth are forms of creation of some kind. If it is true that humanity does share the Earth with other races as yet unidentified and with alien races then it is prudent and practical that we all find a way to cooperate with each other. Human beings establishing a method whereby, somehow, we can communicate and cooperate with each other. If we spent just as much time, resources and planning into cooperating peacefully together as we do plotting and planning the downfall of competing nations and people then maybe peace on Earth would not appear to be almost the impossibility that so many believe cannot be achieved. In fact, it benefits power hungry individuals and profit making companies to maintain an atmosphere of fear among humanity so that military arms can be sold and profits made from the misfortune of individuals and nations. Often there is a belief central to disagreements among each other that there is a lack of resources on Planet Earth, it is my belief that were the resources managed properly, distributed fairly and equally, this struggle to shore up resources would be greatly decreased. Many human beings have a desire for power over others which is often driven by fear, possibly if the ego was not such a central part of Western societies, as a manifestation of this narcissism and sociopathy is rapidly increasing in Western society, education plays a part here where better ways are learned and adopted by individuals and in turn society.

Therefore, the racist approach of any one race being superior to another no longer makes sense, and it never did, for it has not been proven if human origins had any hierarchy of development. Rather a variety of human species developing together as recent evidence suggests, possibly from one source, and in different ages on Earth. The development of humanity does appear to have an element of spontaneity rather than one race superiority, elements of diversity rather than one human species being primary. One race may be more proficient than another at particular human skills, yet other races being more proficient at other human aspects, so that each race expresses efficiently various aspects of the human being.

We are all travelling through Earth living together on the planet, we are a variety of human races and cultures. Each being on Earth shares the Earth with other beings, being from one place of origin on Earth while also living on the Earth plane on which we all live. While at the same time we are the one humanity sharing Earth possibly with other species some of whom are known, and other species not yet discovered. Human beings are significant as individual people yet we are also each one of us part of the one humanity. Countless wars have been fought over thousands of years, the promoters of wars sometimes using the ridiculous claims that wars can result in peace, when history has proven repeatedly that wars spread only suffering and hate. Let us try a different approach in our times for all races and peoples, peace in the world begins with each one of us cultivating peace within ourselves and being peaceful toward others,  in the words of John Lennon "Give peace a chance."

Fig.5 Peace in our time 

Gabriel Woods 

Gabriel Woods is the author of eight published books including the popular and very positively reviewed The Golden Age Trilogy. Gabriel has obtained a Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Aid work Management from University College Dublin, a Certificate in Counselling from University Maynooth Ireland. He is a fully qualified FETAC life coach in Ireland as well as a full-time professional author.

He has travelled around the world, living in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. He has also explored sacred places of aboriginal culture. He explored important religious and cultural Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim sites of India. He has learned about the spiritual of the people that live and worship there. He has travelled widely throughout mainland Europe including Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands and Germany with a focus on areas of cultural importance. These sites throughout the world that Gabriel has visited have had a profound effect on him which he expresses as he writes about these areas in his novel.

Gabriel Woods The X-Gates articles include writing articles including history, culture, society, paganism, magic, and a wide variety of other topics. 

Gabriel has returned to Ireland. He worked voluntarily for Aware helpline that supports people experiencing depression and anxiety. He lives near the banks of the River Barrow in Ireland. 

Gabriel Woods latest book published 2022 is COVID and Lockdown Stories, Gabriel`s books can be found in Irish libraries, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Baker and Taylor, Kobo, Tolino, Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Vivlio and BorrowBox.


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