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Elvish Healing at Newgrange

Gabriel Woods
Colin was conscious of his environment, despite his silence and the absence of movement apart from the machine that forced his lungs to move up and down as it impressed and expressed oxygen through Colin`s lungs. He had been beaten to within an inch of his death and fallen unconscious, sustaining a brain injury by being beaten over the head with a heavy oak chair by his mother`s boyfriend. But he was aware, in his unconscious state, that he was being rushed to hospital in an ambulance. He could hear the machines in accident and emergency reading his heartbeat … rapidly declining. He felt the cold touch of a sharp scissors, his clothes being cut off quickly, he could hear the urgency in the consultant`s voice and he registered the surrounding stimuli although he did not move or speak. He considered his time was up. He could hear the heart monitor bleeping, that was attached to his body, flat lining and the ensuing controlled chaos as doctors and nurses fought to save Colin`s life. It appeared to be a losing battle. Colin felt ready to leave this world. He knew he had led a good life, despite all his hardships. Even though he was only twenty-four, he was not upset that he might pass away in a few minutes. This seemed to be the case as Colin was now being given electric shocks to encourage his body to function in a way that would sustain his life. Life was always just too difficult anyway and he was tired of sharing the planet with scum like his mother`s abuser, tired of picking up the pieces of his broken life and other people`s broken lives. He was becoming bitter too, it seemed that the people that play fair on this planet are the ones that end up getting badly treated or dead before their time. He hoped Linda and his Mam would be ok after he passed away.
02/12/2022 00:27:53

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